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The Intermodal Facility will be a neighborhood connector with pedestrians and vehicles. This project will be a focal point and destination within the community. This project has two (2) masonry buildings. An open colonnade with a tower connects the two buildings. There are 6 parking spaces and areas for bus and car drop-off and pick-up. The program includes access and angled parking for (4) buses and one (1) trolley to be transferred every hour from 7am to 6pm daily. The current bus length is 25 feet long. Future buses will be 33 feet long. Parking is provided for employees. One of the two buildings is for restrooms. The other building includes a ticket booth, janitor closet, drivers lounge, IT room and electrical room. The long open colonnade has seating and a vending area. Cuban Royal Palms will align the east and west ends of the site. The existing sidewalk pavers will be matched throughout the entire site.

St. Lucie County Intermodal Transfer Station

Ft. Pierce, FL

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